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Shane Sullivan

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Listening to Thomas Gabriel, one can draw parallels to Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt or Johnny Cash. 


In fact, as the eldest grandson of Cash, the voice comes naturally. Although undoubtedly influenced by his iconic grandfather, singer+songwriter Thomas seamlessly blends Americana, rock and country to create his own personal sound and carve out his individual path - he is intense, passionate and real. 


A veteran of the Irish music scene, he has worked continuously for decades, as a recording artist, singer/songwriter, teacher and session vocalist. 

Shane’s strong connection with Nashville has greatly influenced his style over time, mixing country, pop, rock, Celtic and bluegrass to form his own distinctive sound. Shane’s songs have been covered by a number of artists in Europe and in America,

Shane’s newest creation is Stills Road, a band which blends country, rock and Celtic.

Gerry O’Connor has brought the banjo to places no other player had tread before. He has travelled the world – physically and musically – experimenting with everything from Irish to bluegrass to African and Asian, and back to Irish. Both as a soloist and as a collaborator with numerous groups, Gerry has truly traced the banjo’s journey through the world of music.


Gerry’s contribution to Irish Music can best be summed up in the words of Earl Hitchener; Music Critic for the Wall Street Journal, Celtic Music, Irish Echo, CTMS Journal (USA): Gerry O’Connor may be the single best four string banjoist in the history of Irish Music. It seems a tall statement to make but his phenomenal technique fully justifies it. O’Connor tosses off runs and ornaments with effortless virtuosity and his jazz-like penchant for experimentation and risk taking will remind listeners of American five string banjo players like Bela Fleck and Alison Brown. If ever a musician truly ‘owned’ the instrument he plays Gerry O’Connor ‘owns’ the four – string banjo... he is in every sense of the word sensational”.